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Markha Valley Trek

(7 – 8 days). A Classic. Beautiful trek inside the Hemis High Altitude National Park. Crossing three high passes, and with plenty of wonderful rugged landscapes, some traditional and welcoming villages, where it is possible to sleep in local homestays, and a good array of wildlife (tibetan wolf, bharal, marmot, large-eared and Royle’s pika, Altai weasel, lammergeier, himalayan griffon, chukor partridge, himalayan snowcock, etc)

Rumtse to Tsomoriri Trek

(8-9 days trek). A beautiful trek, through very sparsely populated areas (mainly inhabited by Changpa nomads), across mountains and plains until the big sapphire blue Tsomoriri lake. Good for wildlife watching.

Jumlam or Zumlam Trek, Hemis to Padum

(12 days). One of the most adventurous treks, through truly remote valleys and gorges of the Hemis NP. Can only be done by the end of summer (mid-september), when the river levels are low.